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PostSubject: FLAGS ,GULLS AND TANGLES .   June 27th 2011, 17:10

Subject: FLAGS ,GULLS AND TANGLES . Today at 6:15


With th comp cancelled two boats went out to the six mile mark to do a bit of recreational fishing .Wicked hen and Kirsty 111 anchored up in the swelling water and started to fish . bothe vessels were not long into getting spur dogs ,Micheal topped the scales on K3 with one of 13lb but all or most that we caught were all double figures.Tope made an appearance with both Micheal and Cam catching these .Wicked hen crew man John Seogles was not the wellest man as he spent most of his time out there up chucking because of the swells of the sea .After a couple of hrs the Hen gave best and headed back to port leaving three men in a boat to have what turned out to be a good day .

Cam with a spur dog

The comp was going to be most species at anchor and so with that in mind that is how we contiued to fish ,bull huss seemed to be very scarce and the only one caught fell to Micheal who had it on a double with a spur dog .Micheal did get the largest tope of the day at about the 35lb mark.
Micheal with gull

Miceals double of huss and spur

J316 with a spurdog

Emmo leaning in to another good spur

It had been said in various quarters that there would be no thornback rays off douglas well one angler proved that wrong by getting one of about 6lb ,no giant i agree but a thorny non the less .
j316 with the thorny

During the fishing i went to cast out and in doing so caught the flag on the top of the wheel house and this was thought hilarious by both Micheal and Cam who raced for the camera to get a snap shot .On the same notion i did the same thing when Micheal got his line caught up in a gull and had to release the poor bird at the side of the boat .

another double tangle

Another spur breaks the surface

and another spur

By the time we upped anchor we had caught 10 species between us which were ;tope ,spur,thorny ,red,grey and tub gurnards, whiting ,bull huss, mackie and dogs,not a bad days fishing . We headed south from here to the ling mark a trip of about 14 milesin search of a cod for Micheals tea .On arrival i was straight into a fish which was a pollock closely followed by a ling . Cameron was the master here as he caught three cod of which one was sizeable and was kept ,Micheal even had a pouting and ling came thick and fast . Our bet of the day was for the largest cod and on his last retrieve micheal took the honours whith a fish that was just sizeable .
All in all we finished the day with 14 species which looks good for our 2 day species hunt next weekend ,lets just hope that the weather is kind to us and let us get this 500 comp on .


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Steve Bates


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PostSubject: FLAGS, GULLS AND TANGLES   June 29th 2011, 12:33

Glad you had a good days fishing .
Excellant report and great pictures wish I had been there with you despite the swell.
14 species on a day of rough weather is excellant.
Well done.
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bens dad

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PostSubject: Re: FLAGS ,GULLS AND TANGLES .   June 29th 2011, 17:16

cracker report as usual matey
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PostSubject: Re: FLAGS ,GULLS AND TANGLES .   

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